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Yoga and mindful living

Teaching Style

My teaching style applies two different approaches to yoga, therapeutic and flow. I gained my teaching certificate from “Yoga Therapy International”. I have been practicing Flow Yoga on a near-daily basis for the last eight years.  


During the class I incorporate insights from my multi-year study of the  philosophical and  ethical  elements of yoga. I include breathing techniques, meditation, visualization and yoga philosophy in every class. The breath plays a central role in my classes because I believe that the inhale and the exhale guide the rhythm of the pose and actually the rhythm of life itself.


I recognizes that each one of the students is unique so I often offer modifications to match individual needs. I also gently challenge students to go to the edge of their comfort zone when they are ready.

One of my greatest  joys is observing my students grow in their practice.

I believe that the personal feedback that I love to give, helps them do that.


I’m grateful  to all those who influence on my practice and teaching:

Maagie Reagh who trained me as a yoga teacher in Yoga Therapy international.

Clara Robert Oss,  My teacher to Vinyasa(flow) Yoga

Tanzin Wangal Rinpoche  My guide for meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Richard Rosen  my guide for breathing techniques.

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