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Yoga and mindful living

Teaching Style

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Ravit Aldar Vancouver
My teaching style is personal, direct, warm and playful.
I am inspired by almost  everything around me, but mainly by my students and how they adapt to experiences in class.

During the session I incorporate insights from my multi-year study of the philosophical and  ethical  elements of yoga. I include breathing techniques,  and meditation  in every class. The breath plays a central role in my classes because I believe that the inhale and the exhale guide the rhythm of the pose and actually the rhythm of life itself.


I recognize that each one of the students is unique so I often offer modifications to match individual needs. I also gently challenge students to go to the edge of their comfort zone when they are ready.

One of my greatest  joys is observing my students grow in their practice.

I believe that the personal feedback that I love to give, helps them do that.


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