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Yoga and mindful living

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Beat the constipation in a natural way

According to many holistic health systems, not pooping at least once a day and up to three times a day means that you are dealing with some degree of constipation. This is unhealthy.

What happens if you don’t take out the trash? It roots and make your home a toxic place.

This is exactly what happens in your body when you are constipating.

Your guts are holding on to toxic waste that becomes a feast to fungus and parasites and later on an invitation to more serious disease.

I tend to constipation since my late teens. Laxatives were not an option because I didn’t want to be addicted to drugs that may have side - effects.

So I started to explore more natural alternatives. Through the years I have developed habits that help me to keep my bowel movement smooth and healthy.

Here are the “must do” things that help me and many others to keep the digestive system healthy:

  1. Add at least half a beet to your smoothie or shred it into your salad on daily basis.

  2. Start your day with a big cup of warm water with half squeezed lemon

  3. Matcha tea. Love to drink it with coconut or almond milk. Careful to not drink it after 4:00pm. It contains caffeine.

  4. Magnesium. A wonder that I discovered lately .I know a doctor which is a great believer in this supplement. When I asked her about the amount She advised me to start with 150 mg and then gradually increase the amount until you almost have diarrhea. 450 mg per day works for me. I take half of the amount after my physical training and the rest before I go to sleep.

  5. Move it! When we move we encourage the whole body systems to work, including the digestive system. Offer your friend to grub your coffee and go for a walk instead of seating in the coffee-shop. Skip the elevator and take the stairs . add an exercise routine to your day.

  6. A deep Belly breathing and additional breathing techniques: When we breath deep breathes in and out the belly we massage the internal organs which awaken the digestive system.

  7. Develop a detox yoga practice that mix twisting, forward bends, backbends ,hip-openers and breathing techniques. You are most welcome to join my next detox yoga workshop.

Nevertheless, once in awhile my body reminds me that life is a constant change and things that used to work for me are not working in a certain situations or stages in life.

These changes force me to observe myself more closely and then, to adjust accordingly.

Sometime I just need to increase/reduce the amount of whatever I'm taking/doing and sometime I Do the same thing but in different times during the day. And I always keep an open mind to try something new.

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