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Yoga and mindful living

My story
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Ravit Aldar Vancouver

For many years my life seemed good: I managed a  growing company, had a husband, kids, the whole package. As the years passed I felt more and more exhausted. There were days I could hardly breathe. I had been struggling most of my life with an anger problem and it didn't get any better. As a cancer survivor I was worried that my lifestyle was harming my health.


I decided to make a major change.


In 2007, I quit my demanding role as the CEO of my firm and fulfilled a dream to move to Vancouver, BC to live a peaceful life with my family.  A few weeks after arriving I took my first yoga class. It would be my first step to a new lifestyle.


I learned how a regular daily practice could be the vehicle for major self growth. The discipline gave me a calmer mind, a stronger body, more willpower, and the ability to connect more deeply with myself and my loved ones. My yoga skills also helped me overcome my anger problem and later on to deal with a family tragedy and rebuild my life.


In 2011 I qualified as a yoga teacher from Yoga Therapy International and began to teach yoga. At the same time I discovered Buddhism through the books and workshops of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. His teaching has deepened my mindfulness and meditation journey.


The practice of  Ahimsa (avoiding harming others), one of the most important principles in yoga and Buddhism, led me to veganism. As an amature chef, I love to explore creative vegan cooking. I also enjoy photography, especially taking pictures of landscapes and people. It is a mindfulness practice that brings me into the present moment.


My goal is to help people to improve their lifestyle by increasing awareness of their own body and mind. As I know from my personal growth journey, it's never too late to make a positive change.

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