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Yoga and mindful living

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  My - Story

As someone who has gone through a complete transformation and personal growth through the practice of yoga, my goal is to share these tools with others.


For many years, I managed a demanding position as the CEO of my own firm. The stressful schedule has led to an unhealthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Being dragged to a yoga class was my first step of healing.


Yoga has taught me how a regular practice could be the vehicle for major self growth. The discipline dramatically enhance my  physical and mental state and transformed my stressful lifestyle to a relaxing & mindful journey.  


In 2011 I qualified as a yoga teacher from Yoga Therapy International managed by Maagie Reagh. Since then, I have done additional training  with great teachers such as Max Strom, Leslie Kaminoff, Bernie Clark , Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Wim Hof method and Buteyko breathing method whom have enhanced my skills in yoga, Breath-work and mindfulness. 


As a yoga teacher, I recognize that each one of the students is unique, therefore, I often offer modifications to match individual needs.

The breath plays a central role in my classes. I believe that the inhale and the exhale guide the rhythm of the pose, and the actual rhythm of life itself.

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